HERE: Implement Labels; redo HERE

Wow, how the time flies :o)

Last time I blogged here was like ten months ago, and at least according to my github profile I was not really inactive.
The truth is that blogging is really hard for me, harder than, say, spend several nights in a row to fix a single bug in a foreign project.

So, what happened in all this time? For one thing I helped to get the MoarVM backend in place, by implement file operations in the beginning. And I think v5 runs now for almost six months on MoarVM, and in the last months very very fast. This is quite important for me because when I try to implement barewords or typeglobs, I *have to* run the entire spectests to discover regressions early.
And clearly it makes a difference to spectest in less than 10 minutes compared to like 35 minutes as it was before.

Speaking of tests

The last time I blogged v5 passes 1209 tests. Now we are at 8030 tests and it parses like 42000 of Perl 5’s spectest suite.
There is more to come: Last week rakudo Perl 6 got label support for loop statementes, and since both Perl 6 and Perl 5 on rakudo share the same architecture, v5 will get label support soon. That means that we should be able to next, redo and last labeled loops with a 10-line patch to v5, running on all supported backends: MoarVM, JVM and Parrot.

Module Versioning and Installation

I also spend a lot of time to get rakudo Perl 6 closer to CPAN. We are not there yet, but very very close. I will report about that in the next weeks, then I can hopefully state that you can install Perl 6 distributions from CPAN as you do from the ecosystem on github.
This also made me work on v5 as a distribution. The goal is that it you can just install it using panda. Problem here is that that v5’s parser is written in NQP, and panda is not capable to install stuff in NQP’s lib dirs right now. The solution to this might not be an easy one, but it could be a solution for slangs in general.


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