Google Summer of Code

I am proud that I’m allowed to be a mentor this year for a not only very interesting but also very important project: LWP+TLS

The first week has passed that Filip is officially working on the basic modules that are needed in order to use LWP::UserAgent.
He also blogs in his blog in a more detailed fashion than I am going to do here. I just want to state that I do not have any concerns about the success of his project and the benefit to the Perl 6 community.

He is well in his timeframe, and already a bunch of modules is ready for testing, like HTTP::Headers, HTTP::Message, HTTP:Request and so on. You can already clone these from his repositories and install then via panda by doing panda install . in the repository folders. Today we talked about idiomatic Perl 6 and also about performance characteristics of different approaches that in the end produce the same result. The very next step is to finish Net::HTTP and then carry on to build up LWP::Simple and its toolset lwp-request, lwp-dump and lwp-download.

I am also looking forward to play with an asynchronous prototype of LWP, I think this will not only be very handy, but will also reduce overhead, for example when you want to track the progress of a download.



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